Pricing plans for all needs

Get started in 1 minute and try VikarProgram without a payment and debit card.

We know that the temporary employment sector is flexible - therefore, the price matches your activities.

* It is not included in the subscription price

Sprog: Get VikarProgram translated into multiple languages (Danish and English are included as standard).

Integrations: Use VikarProgram in conjunction with payment and finance systems. Read more about integration here



If you need any additional features or customization, we can certainly find a solution..

Data Transfer

As well we can help with the transfer of data about, for example, customers and temporary staff.

Own server

VikarProgram can be run on your own server and environment (this solution is not suitable for everyone)..

Frequently asked questions

When you create an account in VikarProgram, the first 14 days will be a 100% Free.
You do not bind yourself and it does not require credit cards to get started.
During the trial period, you have access to all functions and can use the system freely.
After 14 days you can choose to transition to the Business or Pro package, otherwise, the account will be converted into a Free package.
The data you enter in your account during the trial will NOT be deleted when the trial expires.
Each time you create a shift, it will be registered and counted.
A shift may have a status of, for example; uninhabited, occupied, booked, sickness (with/without salary), canceled etc.
Countdown every time you delete a shift.
You can delete shifts that have been created in advance as long as the date of the shift has not been exceeded.
It is approximately 20 working days of one month.

100 shift ≈ 5 workers every working day

500 shifts ≈ 25 workers every working day

Unlimited number of shifts

It does not count how many different temporary workers are at work and you can have an unlimited number of temporary employees and clients in the system.

Free package
If you hit 100 shifts per. month, you will be asked to upgrade to the Business Package.
If you upgrade to the Business Package, you can create up to 500 guards per. month and use all Business Package features.
If you do not upgrade and still use the Free package, you can add more shifts next month, when the shift counter is reset.
Business package
Do you exceed 500 shifts per month, you are automatically upgraded to the Pro package, which costs 2995 kr / month, and you can then create an unlimited number of shifts.
You can change the package at any time.When you upgrade to the Business or Pro package from a Free package, you keep all your data.
If you go to the Free Package from the Business Package or the Pro package, your data will be saved, but you will only have access to data included in the Free package modules.
You can return to any of the paid packages at any time, as your previous data will NOT be deleted.

This only concerns the Business and Pro Packages.

You receive the invoice on the billing email address you provided.

Upon new creation, a partial subscription amount will be charged, corresponding to the remaining time in the current subscription period.

The normal subscription periods follow calendar quarters.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. This is done by logging into VikarProgram with a user account who has the rights to it - basically the account administrator (s).