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About VikarProgram
VikarProgram is owned by COMPENDO APS and aims to optimize business processes for Vikar Agencies.

Compendo ApS
Høje Taastrup Boulevard 53
2630 Taastrup
Phone: 7060 5505
E-mail: kontakt@vikarprogram.dk

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Purpose of cookies on our website
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About the product
VikarProgram is the complete platform for managing activities in connection with the operation of a Vikar agency.
The software is tailored to the industry and the modules / features are tailored to streamline workflow for both Vikar agencies, clients and job seekers associated with Vikar agencies.
The software is offered as "Software as a Service" ("SaaS"), allowing the Customer to connect to the VikarProgram server or a server at one of VikarProgram's partners through the Internet and to access the software and all its features.

By entering into an agreement with VikarProgram on the use of the application, you agree to (the Customer) the terms and conditions of this agreement.
VikarProgram gives the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and time-limited right to use the application.

Price and payment terms
Privacy policy
All prices are quoted in Danish kroner and are excl. VAT. Changes in exchange rates, taxes, insurance, net price index, freight and purchase costs mean that VikarProgram can adjust prices so that VikarProgram is set unchanged.
By signing a subscription plan, the customer automatically authorizes VikarProgram to continuously send an invoice for the purchase to the customer's e-mail.

Duration and termination of the agreement
The agreement is valid as long as the Customer has an account that gives access to the Application. The account must be terminated within the current month + 1 month before a new subscription period starts.
The termination may be by telephone or in writing and is valid as soon as the Customer receives a confirmation by e-mail. Therefore, the expiry date of the agreement will only be determined upon termination of the account.

No refund or cancellation right
The benefit is not covered by the statutory 14-day right of withdrawal, as the delivery is made digitally and the service is thus delivered at the time of payment.

Customer data
The information about the customer and its stakeholders register, may be passed on to other stakeholders and departments of Vikarprogram to provide a better experience.
The information may also be used for statistical purposes without being identifiable from where it came.

Sensitive personal information
VikarProgram collects, stores and processes Customer's sensitive data in accordance with Danish legal requirements, in situations where this is relevant or otherwise necessary.

Customer access to own data
The customer has full access to his own account and all the data. If VikarProgram wishes to close access to the application, it can happen without having a proper reason, but the client will be notified per. Email 3 months before closing. During this period, the customer is able to retrieve entered data from the system. However, this does not apply if the Customer does not have an active account for the Application.

Updates and operational stability
VikarProgram reserves the right to update and modify the Application. Efforts are made to perform these updates so that they are not inconvenient to the Customer. In some cases, it will be necessary to close access to the Application while updating. VikarProgram strives for the highest possible operational stability for the Application, but does not guarantee it.

Email broadcast
VikarProgram reserves the right to send e-mails to the Customer when there are updates to the application or if new applications are considered interesting to the customer.

Limitation of Liability
VikarProgram disclaims, irrespective of the degree of negligence shown, liability for any indirect loss or consequential damage, including but not limited to operating loss, lost profit, loss of data and goodwill at the Subscriber.
The total amount of compensation that the Subscriber may claim against VikarProgram is limited to a maximum of 3 last month's usage.
Limitation of liability applies to any product liability in so far as mandatory statutory provisions do not preclude such limitation.
The above limitation of liability applies to losses as well as to defects in the Software used, as well as loss as a result of errors, breakdowns or irregularities in services otherwise provided under this agreement.

Unless otherwise specified, Vikarprogram is the copyright holder of all material at vikarprogram.dk and * .vikarprogram.dk

Vikarprogram has the right at any time to transfer its rights and obligations to third parties without prior consent of the user.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
VikarProgram can change and update these conditions and rights information at any time.

Any dispute that may arise in connection with this agreement shall be sought by agreement between the Customer and the VikarProgram. However, if this is not possible, such disputes will be settled by the ordinary courts in VikarProgram's residency.