Creation of the personnel

Online System For Vikar Agencies

The best software for planning, timesheets, salaries and invoice billing.

Easy and efficient for everyone!

The best tool for increasing productivity and reducing errors

Who should use the Vikar Program

Valuable for all parties involved

Vikar Agencies You as a hiring agency

Be effective and avoid errors regardless of size.

Vikar You as a worker

Easy and transparent from paycheck to salary.

Customer You as labor buyer

General overview and digital documentation.

Companies who are using VikarProgram

Temporary labor force can be found in many ways

Det Faglige Hus VikarProgram Reference
Vikar Assistance VikarProgram Reference
Zentro People VikarProgram Reference
Jobagenterne VikarProgram Reference
Straco VikarProgram Reference
Easyjob VikarProgram Reference
Kjær Vikar og Rekruttering VikarProgram Reference
Tolkecentret VikarProgram Reference

Optimization across industries

The optimal choice for Vikar agencies regardless of the target group

  • The right crew for the assignment
  • Tracking of the worked hours
  • Calculation of salary and invoice
  • See the salary and payment system
  • Always updated without installations